El Dorado, Boise Church of Christmap
2000 Eldorado Street (Near Cole and Fairview)
Boise, ID 83704


Director—Benjamin Brandon

Office Managers – Lori Hancock, Lisa Hess, Jodi Miller

Curriculum Development—Benjamin Brandon

Parent-Teacher Relations—Lori Hancock


Religious Affiliation:

Boise Classical Academy promotes an education based upon a Faith-Based/Christian worldview, though we are not aligned with any particular denomination and accept students from all faith backgrounds. Although we meet at the Boise Church of Christ building, our curriculum is independent of any particular church.



Boise Classical Academy wishes to remain independent of government regulation/accreditation. However, our course-work and curriculum is directed toward producing a transcript that will meet College Admission Requirements. We equip students for acceptance into college by the content of the course work, preparation for college entrance exams, and college-credit programs.
(see “College Prep” for more details)


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