Benjamin, LoL (2)Benjamin Brandon teaches History at BCA, and serves as Director. He loves to learn, and one of his favorite ways to learn is through teaching.    He has gained valuable experience teaching almost every age group,  including elementary, jr. high, high school, university, and adult classes, in a variety of settings, including home-schooled co-ops, private schools, Church, and University.  No matter the age of his students, Benjamin hopes to exemplify a true love of learning that is not limited to the classroom, but overflows into all areas of life.  He is deeply drawn to the study of Western Civilization, especially ancient history and political philosophy.  He received his B.A. degrees in International Relations and History, and completed his M.A. thesis on Christian Political Philosophy (specifically on Constantine, the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire). Benjamin has an eclectic teaching style, weaving together reading material with various media and activities as he aims for an integrated understanding of different subjects.  When not teaching, he is often found making game-winning catches in Ultimate Frisbee, or conquering the world in Risk.



Catherine Fishman teaches College Prep & Life Skills at BCA, and serves as Office Manager.  She is passionate about all aspects of learning, and enjoys finding new ways to explore traditional ideas. She received her BA from Sarah Lawrence CatherineCollege, New York, where she studied writing, philosophy, and religion. During her college career, she was inspired by the way professors connected individually with each student.  This has motivated her to build genuine relationships with students and help them equip them to achieve their goals.  Catherine is especially drawn to holistic approaches to education that look at the whole student and appreciate different learning styles.  She has explored different learning styles herself as she pursued various positions in education, including teaching the “Theory of Knowledge” course at Riverstone International School to high school students, and working with special-needs children as a paraprofessional at The Village Charter School, Boise.  Catherine has also held many marketing and administrative positions, including her current position as Office Manager for a private practice therapist/forensic psychologist. As an administrator, teacher and School Advisor, Catherine’s versatile skill set is a great asset to assisting both the students and parents of Boise Classical Academy. She looks forward to helping students and their families connect with the BCA community.



derek.jpgDerek Ririe teaches College Prep & Life Skills as well as Philosophy  at BCA while completing his B.A. in philosophy at Boise State University. His areas of interest  include the History of Philosophy and Ancient, Modern and Analytic Philosophy. Outside of these academic interests he enjoys reading classical literature, engaging in discussion, traveling abroad, playing Frisbee and riding his bike. He recently completed a two term study abroad in Lueneburg, Germany, and has experience tutoring students at BSU in philosophy.






Manna Hancock teaches Literature at BCA. While a student in the Torrey Honors program at Biola University, Ms Hancock immersed in the study of great books of the Western culture and was introduced to the classical method of teaching via mentors and small group discussion. Consequently, she is a strong proponent of equipping students with skills to critically read, successfully discuss, and ultimately assimilate literature of historical value. As a third year teacher of literature and writing at Aaron Academy, Ms. Hancock has discovered a passion for engaging students in the wonders of the written word and brings that passion with her to BCA.







Michael ArbogastMichael Arbogast teaches Latin at BCA, and is enduringly fascinated with education. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature and Religious Studies (with a concentration in Biblical Studies) from Linfield College in 2008, and, unable to stay away from academia, returned to Boise State University for a certificate in Latin in 2010. Since then, he has tutored students from elementary school to college in Latin, grammar, mathematics, and history. His other interests include linguistics, 19th century literature, sailing, and bicycling.






IMG_2459Roy Wiersma teaches Math at BCA.  He received his BA in Philosophy with a minor in mathematics from BSU in 2010. During this year he discovered his aptitude for teaching while working in a math tutoring lab at BSU. After graduation he volunteered for Americorps. As a volunteer he was placed at Jefferson elementary school where he further developed his teaching skills working with children K-6. After his stint with Americorps Roy began work with Huntington Learning Center preparing high school student for SAT, ACT, and AP math and science tests. In this one-on-one scenario his teaching style came to light. He believes that learning is a naturally rewarding behavior, and it is the responsibility of the educator demonstrate how satisfying and energizing the act of discovery can be. By cultivating this recognition of value in discovery students will become impassioned lifelong learners and will be able to adapt to any challenge they face.


Lori Hancock 2Lori Hancock serves as an administrative advisor for the Boise Classical Academy after twenty years of homeschooling her four children in the Treasure Valley. Three of her kids have graduated high school and continued on to university while the youngest, a student at BCA, is entering her junior year of high school. Throughout those years of teaching at home, Lori and her husband, Roger, utilized a wide variety of educational options including private school & auxiliary classes, homeschool co-ops, online classes, public school & college dual enrollment programs, and tutors. During the last three years Lori has been involved with the Aaron Academy as both a parent and a teacher.







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