Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s Cave:

Nature of Education = finding Truth and Reality

            *How does one define “truth” and “reality”?

“Action Item” = true and best leaders should be educated

Highest Understating, the GOOD (symbolized by the Sun) – the True, and Beautiful

            -Source of Reality

*How could Plato’s definition of the intelligible realm vs. material realm be edifying or beneficial to modern education? How does this fit with the study of Physical or Hard sciences?

Nous (νοῦς) – in the realm of reality

One is compelled to see

Philosophy of Education – The eye, the soul is able to know: turn around – “convert”

(i.e. Education is the act of leading one towards the truth.)

*What is the implication of this?

-Responsibility is on the student to open eyes to the light. Truth is not created or forced, but discovered. (Revealed)

Purpose of LIFE – θεωρία (Theoria)

            -Seeking the source of life.