Boise Classical Academy enrolls students who will be in Grades 7-12 for the 2019-2020 school year. Students should be at least 12 years old this year in order to be eligible for enrollment.

Because our classes use an integrated curriculum, we will give first priority to full-time students. If there are spaces available, we may allow part-time (course-specific) enrollment.



$385/Month = Full Time (5+ Classes).

Part-time Options

3-4 Classes = $275/month

1-2 Classes = $165/month

Application Fee: $30; $15 discount if paid before 4/15/19

$120 Enrollment Fee applies to all students at time of acceptance

Religious Affiliation

Boise Classical Academy promotes an education based upon a Christian worldview, though we are not aligned with any denomination and accept students from all faith backgrounds. Although we meet at the Boise Church of Christ building, our curriculum is independent of any particular church.


Built on the principles of classical education, our course-work and curriculum is directed toward producing a transcript that will meet college admission requirements. We equip students for acceptance into college by the content of the course work, preparation for college entrance exams, and college-credit programs, while remaining independent of government regulation/accreditation.