November News Letter


BCA students were presented with opportunities to serve the Church of Christ community, which we joyfully jumped at.  The following pictures show how much fun they had.  Gratitude motivating beyond the basics, BCA students have pitched in with yard clean-up on the Northside of building; getting it ready for future community gardens & a relaxing/de-stress spot.  Also taking on various cleaning tasks, the BCA House groups divided to conquer dirty windows, floors, kitchen/fellowship area, dust bunnies & garbage detail... woooooooh!  THE FUN NEVER STOPS! 

Proof many Hands make light work!!

Proof many Hands make light work!!

Interview with Mitch Jones about going to the Navy seals by Shannon Laframboise.

1. Why do you want to serve?

Because I value American values and want to defend them. I want to protect the values our country was built on.

2. Why the Navy seals specifically?

Because the navy has better career options/opportunities, and seals because I always wanted to be Special Forces.

3. How long do you think you’ll serve?

Probably six years. My contracts says four years but if I re-enlist I get a giant bonus.

4. What exactly does being a Navy seal mean, or what do you do?

You are special operations which means any tasks that need to be done stealthily or with a small specialized team is handed to the seals. So that can be anywhere from assassinating terrorists or corrupt government leaders to completely over hauling foreign governments.

5. What are you most excited for?

Phase 3 of BUDS which is like specialists training

6. What are you not most exited for?

Phases 1 and 2 of BUDS. Because that’s where they drown you and try and kill you and make you quit. Yea they’ll chain you to the bottom of a pool. That’s where I get to not freak out when I’m at the bottom of a pool and I can’t move.

7. What’s the steps/process to becoming a Navy seal?

In July when I ship out I’ll go to eight weeks of basic training which will be the same basic training that every other naval personnel goes through. After that I’ll go to BUDS preschool or pre-training for another eight weeks. That’s pretty much just them getting me ready for Buds. Showing me a little bit of what BUDS is going to be like, kind of making sure that this is still what I want.

Phase one, basically what they’re going to try and do is they’re going to try and kill you. But it’s so hard that everyone is on the same level. No one is stronger than anyone else but you’re all on the same level and your muscles are in complete shock. And then they will build you up little by little.

Phase two is your water training so that’s where you are going to learn how to dive, where you’re going to learn how to swim properly, where they’re going to chain you to the bottom of the pool, where they’re going to essentially water board you because one of the things they do is they make you sit on the beach for 24 hours with the tide coming in and out. You just have to sit there with your whole seal unit and try and not freak out when the tide is coming in and it goes above your head and you can’t breathe at all pretty much for a couple seconds.

Phase 3 is the training where you’re going to be a specialist whether you are a sniper, an explosive expert or a part of a dive team that will be your specialized training. You’re going to pretty much learn how to be a professional assassin.

8. Do you think you will change and if so who do you hope to change into?

It will definitely change me in a lot of ways. I think the positive ways, just the determination and dedication first and for most. Second, a new respect for service men and women and our country and the things that people had to go through to make our country what it is. Overall a respect.

9. Is it kind of a terrifying feeling?

It is. I am freaked out. I have slept terribly I’m so stressed out. That’s ok, it’s good though. I’ll get to seal school and I’ll be even more stressed out so this is like preparation. Yea it’s terrifying.

10. Do you have a hero?

Chris Kyle. The movie “American Sniper” was based off of him. He is the man behind the legend. Just a regular guy from Texas and after 9-11 he decided he needed to serve his country and he was like 35 years old which is really old for a seal. But he made it through basic training and has the most confirmed kills in the United States sniper history. Even after he came back home he would help veterans with PTSD and take them to the shooting range which is ultimately how he was killed. So he’s one of my heroes for just persevering, pushing through and always trying to do the right thing.

My performance of the song "Day One" from the Interstellar soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. This is the PandaTooth's arrangement, not mine.

Sheets: ----------------- ThePandaTooth's performance: -------------------------- Here are the clips I used: 1. 2. 3.

Mr. Brandon's Pic of the Week

Mr. Brandon's Pic of the Week

Ask Abby

Dear Abby, What color is the wind?

The ‘colors of the wind’ are open mindedness towards learning or understanding a different culture, person, idea, etc.

Dear Abby, What are your thoughts on dabbing?

I happen to have a friend who dabs. Dabbing is fine, just as long as you don’t do it too much. Teachers can become annoyed believe it or not.

Dear Abby, Biology Test? Why?

Yes. Because it is important for you to be able to memories things and definitions as well as understand concepts. Test have stood the test of time to tell if a student is doing well or not. Also, it makes Mr. Wiersma happy.

Dear Abby, Are you a cereial killer?

If you meant serial: No. If you want to find one, try the internet.

If you meant cereal: Yes, especially when it comes to Raisin Bran or Cheerios.

Dear Abby, Where’d my pencil go?

If you’re missing your pencil try looking behind your ear, in your hand, in your backpack, in the sanctuary, in your friend’s hand, in your friend’s backpack, or even in the lap of the creepy baby doll.

Dear Abby, Is Jason Mature? Of course not. Explain why.

There are two main things wrong with this question. First, you are trying to force your opinion onto someone else without proving it yourself first. Second, you are focusing on someone else’s maturity rather than your own. Work on your own maturity and let Jason work on his.

Dear Abby, The world will explode in 2020. How and what are your tips for surviving the apocalypse?

You won’t have to survive after the world explodes.

Dear Abby, How do you like to make toast?

When I’m just eating bread, I do not toast it or put anything on it. However, my bread always must be toasted for a sandwich or something like that. I have two preferred methods for toasting. The first is in a pan of butter and garlic. The second way is over a fire, like when you go camping. Good luck with your toast!

Dear Abby, Does the illuminati rule the world? Do they even exist? Pls help.

Of course I’ll help. No, the illuminati does not rule the world, but I suppose they could if they wanted seeing as they have much hidden power in every country. Yes, they do exist, but we do not know how many they are or where they are.

Dear Abby, What dummy wrote this?

Dear Abby, Who wrote this? I did! Who am I?

Dear Abby, Who the heck wrote this one?

All of these were written in different handwritings with different pens and pencils. You are all boys, and this is made obvious by the over-style of it. I’m sorry, but I won’t be answering this question.

Dear Abby, Why did the chicken cross the road?

The chicken was mindlessly pecking around for food when it found itself on the road with a truck coming, so it panicked and hurried to the other side. I have seen this happen many times, since I have a neighbor who has chickens, like me, but does not keep them penned in.

Dear Abby, How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck’s arms are too short to chuck wood. I suppose they could try kicking it or picking it up in their mouths to toss it, but they don’t. I’m not ever sure that they like chucking or wood.

Dear Abby, The best questions ever.

You may have ripped up the post-it-note into small pieces, but I was able to put it back together. Ask Abby-1, Abby Asker-