What is classical Christian education?

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Dynamic Education

Boise Classical Academy offers a curriculum both classical and dynamic, combining a faith-based foundation with the best the Classics have to offer. We meet three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, allowing school to be affordable and flexible, promoting strong study-habits, and providing students with the free time they need to pursue excellence as whole people, not just academics


As a "hybrid" program, we seek to integrate the homeschool and classical philosophies into an atmosphere that pursues education of mind, body, and soul. We believe in:

  • Faith-based Foundation.
  • Partnership with Parents.
  • Interactive Environment.
  • Passionate Teachers.
  • Student Mentoring.

Education is an endeavor best accomplished in a strong community. We have designed the school around:

  • Passionate Teachers.
  • Student Mentoring.
  • Inclusive Atmosphere.
  • Passionate Teachers.
  • Student Mentoring.

Join the Great Conversation by exploring the best ideas of Western Civilization, including:

  • Prophets of Ancient Israel.
  • Philosophers of Classical Greece.
  • Statesmen of Ancient Rome.
  • Theologians of the Middle Ages.
  • Scientists of the Modern Age.


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